Gourmet Camelot Experience

The Silicon Valley Chapter has planned a holiday bash at the most enchanting and romantic venue Napa Valley has to offer. You will be transported back in time as you enter Castello di Amorosa, a world class winery and authentic Tuscan Castle. The evening will be filled with dinner, dancing, music & entertainment, and promises to be a highlight event for the Chapter.

As you cross the moat, you'll enter the fairy tale land of Knights, Ladies and Fair Maidens. You'll be graced with a chalice of world class wine to sip while you roam and explore the 120,000 square foot castle. You'll be encouraged to meander the 900 feet of wine caves, drop by the torture chamber for a shudder, and see it from the ground floor with an official docent. The castle was 14 years in the making, and a life-long dream of entrepreneur and wine baron Daryl Sattui. Come experience his dream, we have the entire Castle for this dream evening. Read more about the Castle >>


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The merrie-making will be over the top, all centering around the courtyard and period entertainment. Danger and amusement lurks in every corner promising delights that will touch the spirit, the palette and the stomach. Watch out for pick-pockets!

The party will flow into the great hall, where we will partake in a gourmet dinner, paired by the someilier. We will be pouring the world class wines of the Castello di Amorosa, which can only be obtained at the Castle.

Event Details

Saturday, December 6th 2008
6:30 - 10:30

Castello di Amorosa
4045 Saint Helena Hwy
Calistoga, CA 94515-9609


Powdered wigs are not required, but all guests are encouraged to dress in festive attire with a Medieval twist. Black tie and party dress is always safe for the more timid of our Lourdes & Maidens.

Guest Fees:

Members of the EO Silicon Valley Chapter are free, and may bring a guest for $150.00
Outside Chapters may join us for a $500.00 per guest fee

How to Attend:

If you are a member of the EO Silicon Valley Chapter, you are invited to RSVP here:
(evite link)

If you are an EO Member from another Chapter, we'd love to have you!
Click here for our Event information & Registration page.